Chrome calling the Shots

Ever wonder why it takes an eternity for some websites to load, while others open right away? That is because some websites contain content, like videos and images, which takes time to load. In a world where instant gratification is a way of life, a few seconds’ or minutes’ wait is simply unacceptable. 

Google Chrome, the search engine giant Google’s browser, is soon introducing a feature that will let users know whether a website takes longer to load or not. Generally, when a user searches for something, they input a couple of keywords, and Google’s algorithms produce the results it deems most suitable in connection with the keywords. Websites are arranged in order of relevance, with the top spot going to the website that is ranked as the best option by the search engine. Users get the name of the website, and a brief description of what the website is about and clicking on the hyperlink opens up the website.

With Chrome’s new feature in place, users will get to know how a website ranks in terms of loading time as well. Long loading time may put some people off from clicking the website. This is why it matters so much that websites keep their loading time as low as possible. Anyone wishing to access their website knows that not only is a website relevant but also fast because no one wants to waste time waiting for a webpage to load. 

These new changes are expected to be implemented soon, and it is no surprise that companies have started seeking out the help of SEO experts to help tweak their websites. It is all well and good to have an excellent website, but if users are discouraged by the loading time even to open up the website, it is all just a waste. 

SEO experts are employed to make a website rank better on search engines, like Google. So when a query is keyed in, companies want the user to see their website on the top. Since who really goes on a website on the fourth or even the second page? No one.

Lately, many individuals have sought out SEO training in Lahore due to the high demand for SEO professionals. SEO experts help improve existing websites, and speeding them up is just one of the areas where expert services can be employed. ITHeight is one renowned SEO training center that has been training many young professionals the ins and outs of well-executed SEO. Over the years, it has become a major source of fresh talent for companies seeking to improve their digital image.

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